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American public overwhelmingly supports help for the child care system

"The results of a new bipartisan poll commissioned by the First Five Years Fund (FFYF) and Center for American Progress (CAP) show overwhelming demand among voters across the country for Congress to prioritize emergency relief funding for child care providers in the upcoming COVID-19 recovery package. The new survey data also shows this demand cuts across party lines and among key constituencies, including those who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 (74%), voters 65 and older (83%), suburban women (86%), and Black (97%) and Latinx (93%) voters.

The compelling results of this new poll, conducted by a bipartisan team from Hart Research Associates and New Bridge Strategy, showcase the unmistakable understanding among voters of every political persuasion that child care is central to America’s economic recovery, and that the industry must receive emergency funding in the upcoming Congressional package.


  • More than 8 in 10 voters favor a federal child care stabilization fund in the upcoming COVID-19 recovery package, with overwhelming support across partisan lines, generations, and genders.

  • Even attaching a price tag as high as $50 billion for the child care stabilization fund has virtually no bearing on voter support.

  • Nearly 9 in 10 voters want child care providers at the front of the line for Congressional relief, prioritizing the industry above hotels, cruise lines, and real estate developers, and virtually tied with K-12 public schools.

  • Roughly 2 out of 3 voters say it is essential or very important for Congress to include support for child care in the next financial relief legislation."

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