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Family child care business owners are our superheros!

From the President, on behalf of the Virginia Alliance for Family Child Care Associations


We stand for a world that is healthy and justice for all. As we continue to fight the challenges of COVID-19, the Alliance recognizes and supports the tireless outcry against generations of systematic racism that has resulted in the unjust treatment of people of color. The work of educators is even more important now than ever. As we care for the next generation, the future of our nation, now is not the time for silence. We must stand for and promote an understanding of equality; providing a space for children to learn, grow and create knowing that no matter the color of their skin, there is a place in this world for them.


Our children have the right to be seen, to be respected, and to be loved. It is our responsibility to fight for them and protect them. No child should have to live or experience the inequalities that were forced upon us. We embrace diversity and inclusion as strengths, not weaknesses. We will pursue equitable rights and high-quality education for ALL children. We commit to use our voice and influences, as an Association to fight for what is right, accelerate change, and show up for our communities. We stand with our communities, colleagues, and partners of color. Together, we can change the world and give our children a future they deserve and can be proud of.

Cheryl Morman, VAFCCA President 

Family Child Care Business Owner 


-"Be the change you wish to see in the world" Gandhi

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Information, resources and news to help Virginia's Family Child Care Providers cope with the pandemic. 

The latest news from around the state and around the country for and about family child care businesses.

Join us and family child care business owners around the state, to ensure your voice is heard in Richmond and beyond!

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